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Is to pHDDS LLC Logo smallrovide an exceptional and superior stress-free experience for your pet by treating them as if they are a part of our own family, and to give you the peace of mind that your home and loved ones are in the safe hands of a long-time service professional.


 Meet Your Pet’s Pal

Sheila Griffin is2011-10-17_14-16-14_112 a home-town girl born and raised in Tampa.  Growing up she had every pet imaginable and her love of animals blossomed into a life-long love affair.  She was always trusted to “baby sit, pet sit or house sit” even at a young age.    At the tender age of seven, she was named the “Littlest Angel”, by the local American Legion.  Because of her obvious compassion and love of dogs, they gave her Cocoa, a Standard Poodle, Sheila’s first love.  She ultimately went into Law Enforcement and for the next 27 years, in addition to her regular duties, she was the go-to person for just about any animal-related incident.  She readily accepted the challenge regardless of the type of animal.  Sheila knows no fear.  She rescued everything from dogs, cats, horses, cows, rattlesnakes, pigs and the list goes on; she even captured a Nile monitor that was on the loose terrorizing a South Tampa neighborhood.  Having dealt with the dismal side of society in her career, Sheila was no stranger to the horrors of dog fighting and was always that compassionate Police Corporal that was called upon to take care of the injured or aggressive Pitbulls.   Recently retired from Law Enforcement, Sheila decided to continue her love affair and formally start the business which has shaped her entire life:  The love and care of animals. Enter a new chapter in Sheila’s life…Hot Diggity Dog Sittin’…sheila and rottie

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Hot Diggity Dog Sittin’ appreciates all our Law Enforcement and Military.  Thank you for your service!

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